Is Peggy Porschen Worth The Hype?

Facade of Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen is usually on everyone’s bucket list when they head to London. Thanks to Instagram, it’s become one of the most famous cake shops with a major following of bloggers. Its pretty pink facade and picture-perfect pastries, makes it an extremely popular spot. But if you’re like, you’ve probably wondered if Peggy Porschen is actually worth the hype. So this is my honest review of the world famous cupcakery.


Peggy Porschen is strategically located very close to Victoria Station which is a popular area for tourists and locals alike. It isn’t located in a busier part of central London like Soho which gives the experience a more secluded feel. The neighborhood that it’s in is filled with marble white homes and cute used bookshops. Not to mention if you’re a Sherlock fan, a scene from the episode A Scandal in Belgravia was shot very close to the shop!

Photo Opportunities

A major reason for Peggy’s popularity lies in the pretty decor and flower strewn facade. It feels like a mix between a posh atelier and a little girl’s birthday party. The main photo spot would be the floral exterior, however if you come early enough, the inside seating area is also decorated for the perfect instagram shot.


Many of the reviews I have read have said how the staff are rude and snobbish. I didn’t experience anything quite to this extreme, however I will say that they definitely carried themselves in a less friendly and almost arrogant way.

Food Quality

Although the cakes might look pretty in pictures, I did not enjoy anything I ordered. The cakes tasted very dense and the layers of buttercream frosting just didn’t go well with the cake itself, feeling separated and heavy. For the cupcakes, the frosting had an odd texture and the cake part felt condensed. Everything I tasted was also overly sweet to the point where I could hardly finish it.

The way all of their desserts appear in photos make them seem like they’d be light and airy on the tongue. Unfortunately, the complete opposite was true.

Peggy Porschen vanilla cake


The price for each treat was not affordable and for the quality of the food, I’d say far too high. For a small cake, the price was around an astonishing 60 euros. For an average sized cupcake, it cost about 5 euros. There was also a rather limited selection of cakes to choose from.

Selection of Peggy Porschen cakes

Conclusion: Worth the hype?

Taking all factors into consideration, I would say that Peggy Porschen is definitely not worth the hype. For their level of notoriety and price, I expected much better desserts.

In my opinion, they have benefited heavily from bloggers and influencers on social media who wanted a pretty place to pose for instagrammable shots. This was also a lesson for me to not always trust suggestions from popular influencers. If it wasn’t for the inviting blossoms haloing the entrance, quite honestly, I don’t think the shop would be famous.

That’s my honest review of Peggy Porschen! Let me know your thoughts below.

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