Best Gelato in Rome

Venchi gelato

When visiting Rome, gelato tasting is a must. Before my trip, images of idyllic evenings spent walking along the Tiber with a cone of colorful gelato flooded my mind. This very much was the case at times, but with so many vibrant little gelaterias, it can be overwhelming to choose the best spots. At many of the places I tried, the gelato was far too sweet, artificial tasting or expensive. But luckily, in this list, I’ve compiled the best gelato I could find in Rome. Taste was of course a priority for me, but along with that, the places on this list are instagrammable gelaterias in beautiful areas.

Gelateria Alla Scala

Situated in the charming streets of Travestere, this little gelateria is the perfect place to stop for a quick grab. The area it’s located in was probably my favorite in Rome. There were so many cute shops and places to eat around it as well. And with it’s leaf-strewn facade, it’s the perfect spot for some instagram photos. They had a nice selection of flavors but be sure to try crema- my personal favorite!


Unlike the last shop, Giolitti has a large seating area elegantly decorated for spending the evening in. This will cost a bit more then taking your dessert to go, but I recommend stepping off the busy streets of Rome for this classy treat. Giolitti also has a wider selection of desserts and coffee then other places I’ve visited.


Venchi Gelato, Rome: chocolate fountain wall

Venchi was by far my favorite place on this list. Founded in 1878, they’ve had a long time to perfect their gelato to be light, flavorful, and delicious. Several Venchi stores can be found in Rome, I recommend visiting the one near the Pantheon because of the surrounding area and classic interior. Venchi also had freshly made crepes which you could customize with nutella and gelato that were incredible.

Venchi Gelato, Rome

Opere and Caffe

This last spot isn’t actually a gelateria, but a great place to stop nevertheless. In case you need a break from gelato, Opere has delicious mini cakes and affordable coffee. It’s situated in a tucked away area of Travestere with beautiful yellow streets.

Those are my top picks for now! Let me know your thoughts below.


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  1. November 3, 2019 / 5:07 pm

    Italian ice-cream tastes amazing. Gelato tasting is a must when in Rome.

    • Sonari
      November 12, 2019 / 12:12 pm

      Definitely agree! Thanks Ivana.

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