Shofuso Japanese Garden

Philadelphia is a city bursting with historical sites and botanical spots! On my last visit, I experienced Shofuso Garden which was a serene lull from the city. It quickly became one of my favorite Philadelphia gardens and If you’re looking to something to do then you should definitely go here! I actually recommend going here in the rain since that’s when it felt shrouded in a dream-like quality. The whole vibe was very authentic and ancient. For fans of the anime ‘Garden of Words‘, this place felt just like it!

The main house, was based after Japanese homes from the 17th century complete with replicas of furniture and living spaces. I thought it was interesting how most of the rooms weren’t connected to each other and you had to walk on a wooden veranda to get to each area. I also loved that there was a small stream running through the house that trickled into the main lake outside.

My favorite part was probably sitting on the small dock and watching all of the vibrant koi fish swarm around us!

Shofuso is more of a quaint garden to meditate in and lose track of time. However, if you prefer larger gardens, Chanticleer or Longwood may suit you more. So stay tuned for a post on them soon!

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